Jaded Heart – Perfect Insanity

The tenth album from these rockers, is showing signs that things are starting to become a tad too well-formed

Release Date:
16 Oct 2009 (All day)

Perfect Insanity is the tenth album by rockers Jaded Heart. This is a band that is new to me though; I’ve managed to miss their previous nine albums somewhere along the way – so listening to Perfect Insanity was with completely open eyes. Not at all sure what I was going to get, I presumed that a support slot on Primal Fear’s European tour put them at the higher end of the spectrum. I fear I had been mislead.

Opening with a 35-second Intro track, which leads into Love Is A Killer, I’m introduced to some well-used metal riffs that lead into a classic metal chorus. Fly Away opens with a guitar intro which goes on for 1:31 mins, introducing a song that is flat and lacking in any wow factor. The opening of Blood Stained Lies is a grinding metal riff that makes you sit up and listen, but again the vocals let the song down and I was soon left wondering what on earth this band had to offer.

Things continue in this vein with a ballad thrown into the mix, One Life One Death, but nothing to make you sit up and want to hear more. By the time I reached the final song, Exterminated, I was headbanging: against the wall and from frustration rather than joy of rocking out to some good music.

I felt that all of the different parts of the formula are there – the rhythm section, the melody, the vocals. This isn’t a bad band producing bad music, this is a good band producing mediocre music which, in my eyes, is even worse and even less forgivable. 

Jaded Heart seem to have found the right ingriedients, but instead of building on them they appear to have sat back and kept life easy. I’ve no doubt that with nine other albums behind them they have a following of fans who will gobble up this album, but I doubt it will get them too many new ones.

There’s nothing new, nothing original, and nothing interesting about it at all.

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