KEEL – Streets Of Rock & Roll (Frontiers/Riot)

Published By: Metal As Fuck – January 2010

If they had released this 25 years ago maybe KEEL would have followed in the footsteps of the great hair metal gods we all know and love!

This is KEEL‘s first studio album since reuniting in 2008, and it’s going to have fans of hair metal bowing on their knees, Wayne’s World style, and thanking the metal Gods for bringing this band back together. Ron Keel hasn’t lost any of the power in his voice and the twin axe skills of Marc Ferrari and Bryan Jay will send shivers down your spine.

Title track Streets Of Rock & Roll is the perfect start to the album. Melodic, anthemic and downright moving with lines such as ‘the guitar is calling you home’, KEEL are going to state their case again and see if they can’t get noticed a bit more this time round. The drumming and guitar work in Come Hell Or High Water is good enough to not need the vocals but the addition of these vocals just blows this song into a whole new stratosphere of good, and the following songs do not let things down.

I will honestly admit that underneath my metal-loving exterior is a girl who likes a good ol’ acoustic guitar lead ballad now and again, and KEEL have even offered one of these with Does Anybody Believe. It’s not even cheesy like a lot of the 80s metal ballads ended up: a miraculous achievement! If you don’t like the ballads though, breathe easy, this is the only one!

The heavier tracks continue and just get better, with vocals you’ll be singing after a few spins of the CD, and drum beats you’ll be tapping on your steering wheel next time you’re out driving. Other songs to look out for are The Devil May Care (But I Don’t) and Hold Steady.

KEEL have truly stayed true to their calling with this album. They’ve kept the same style and sound that they’ve always had and added it to newly written songs, which are by far the best songs they’ve written. Fans of KEEL and 80s Hair Metal are happy people right now!

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2 thoughts on “KEEL – Streets Of Rock & Roll (Frontiers/Riot)

  1. Claire, Great work kiddo…I saw them live in Tempe, Az. late last year close to the ASU campus. You are right. They are better than ever. Hope to catch them again during their 2010 USA schedule.


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