Great Awakening – Thrash Till You Die (independent)

Published By: Metal As Fuck – February 2010

Three brothers and their high school friend vow to thrash till they die, and if their debut album is anything to go by, they’re off to a flying start.

Great Awakening is a thrash metal band from Florida, and Thrash Till You Die is their aptly titled debut release. They’ve aimed to reinvent the original sound of thrash, and you could be forgiven for feeling their sound is similar to that of early Metallica or Slayer.

The opening words on this album are ‘Introduce a little anarchy’ on Hit & Run. Spoken with no music, it makes you sit up and listen when the guitars kick in, closely followed by vocals from Ryan Kenyan. You get the feel of pure thrash right from the beginning.

The keyboard intro to XIII is about the only quiet moment you’ll get on this album, and it lasts only a few seconds. I can’t help but get caught up in the drumming from Nick Butera in this song as well, as title song Thrash Till You Die. This band are certain to throw an onslaught of speed into your senses.

I can’t help but to be bowled away by the guitar work on War Mentality. It’s outstanding stuff from Vinnie Butera and Ryan Kenyan and the bass work from Brandon Butera comes a close second. The vocals on this song aren’t as strong as other tracks but the musicianship makes up for what the vocals are lacking tenfold.

Closing song Annihilation is another knock-out-your-senses piece of thrash metal. This is the stuff circle pits are made of and yet more proof that this band intend to blow each and every person’s mind!

Great Awakening’s Thrash Till You Die is out now.

Great Awakening’s Links:


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