New Start!

So here we are, I’ve finally set up a multi-purpose site! I’ve archived my portfolio of work to date and intend to start afresh with a new home and a new look. The thing I like with this site is that I’m not only going to concentrate on posting my music related ramblings but I’m going to also use this as a blog…however, I am going to attempt to have some point to what I’m saying!

I write this as I relax at home after spending the afternoon fundraising for Help for Heroes. Spending four hours outside of Tesco with a bucket of money was certainly interesting. The biggest contributors to the pot were the over-50’s, they were also the most positive about the charity and what they are doing. The people that made me feel quite frustrated were the number of younger people who came out with about £200 worth of alcohol and didn’t contribute anything. I did meet some interesting people though:

There was the guy who pulled a handfull of coins from his pocket, which included at least eight £1 coins, then proceeded to put six pence in the bucket…I kid you not!

There was the guy who bought four wristbands so his entire family could have one each!

Then there was a really nice guy in a wheelchair, he told me that he was injured in Afghanistan and felt lucky to be alive. He said that Help for Heroes gave him lots of support when he got back to the UK and was released from the army. It was complete reassurance that what Help for Heroes does really works and changes lives.

I was also told about a woman who spoke to one of the collectors during the morning before I came on shift. She tapped the collector on the shoulder and proceeded to tell her that she was a pacifist and if these ‘silly’ boys wanted to go and play with guns in the desert then they got what they deserved and they joined the army knowing they would die. I found this comment upsetting, but the person she said it to has a son serving in Afghanistan at the moment so I can’t imagine how that made her feel.

My feeling is that politically I have issues with war, I particularly have issues with our men and women dying in Afghanistan when none of us really understand why. But that doesn’t mean that are service men and women shouldn’t be supported, looked up to and respected. They join the military because it’s a career, I very much doubt they join because they want or expect to die…at least the people I know don’t!

This country isn’t good at supporting our military, but we really should show them a lot more respect and thanks, because they damn-well deserve it!


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