I have to laugh at myself, put effort into new blog, write bold statement on new blog, get sick again then not write for another six weeks! Ooops!

So for those of you who haven’t picked up the full story of my health dramas on Twitter this year here is the story in full:

I have always suffered with Migraines, when I say always I mean I was first diagnosed when I was nine! I’ve had one roughly every month since then!

In January something changed I got a Migraine that didn’t go away for six weeks, after an MRI it was found that I had a Cerebral Atrophy (basically a shrinking in my brain). My GP didn’t know if this was something to be concerned about and although the Migraine did go eventually I had/have a constant headache and a recurring Migraine so he referred me to a Neurologist for more answers.

In true NHS fashion it took months for me to get my appointment, when it finally came around I found out that the atrophy wasn’t dangerous, but was irreparable and dehydration would make it worse and potentially have it cause problems, so avoiding alcohol and caffeine (which I’m allergic to anyway!) were key steps to helping it!

The Migraines it turns out are a problem, the years and years of regular Migraines have basically mutated into a rare type called Transformed Migraines, these are basically permanent Migraines that never go away which is why I have permanent pain, they have acute attacks which is why I have days where it’s like a more traditional Migraine. I also get associated Vertigo so am dizzy most of the time!

Right now the later in the day it gets the more pain I’m in and the dizzier I am. Usually by 6-7pm I really struggle to function. This has been extremely disruptive to my social life, I don’t see friends very often, I haven’t been to a gig yet this year (what band plays at 2pm in the afternoon?!) and my poor husband is stuck playing chef every night after work as I’m usually a quivering wreck by the time I get in!

I’m on quite the cocktail of prescription medications these days, there’s no cure and the nature of these Migraines is such that they build a resistance to treatment so it’s permanent trial and error but hopefully we’ll get life back to manageable and maybe even a little bit fun!


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