Review: Khuda – Iecava

Experimental, progressive, psychedelic, instrumental these are just a few of the words you can use to describe this two piece from the UK. A band since 2007, the current line up of Tom Brooke and Steve Myles have been together since 2009. After the release of their debut album, Palingenesia, in 2010 they have now released their second album, Iecava on Field Records and Pruelgelprinz Records.

This album isn’t of high production quality, it has a recorded in the bedroom feel to the sound, with quite a distant echo to the overall sound. That said the quality of the composition makes up for what the album lacks in production quality, and in places the production adds a somewhat eerie and chilling feeling as with title track Iecava and Don Benito.

This may only be a two-piece band, but what is lacked in numbers has been made up in composition. With only guitar and drums to make up each track it would easy to have shallow tracks lacking in depth, but somehow Khuda have managed to add depth where there should be none. Tracks such as Luka Mesto and Marchmen are rich with technical prowess and cleverly complement each instrument in turn.

This music isn’t going to appeal to everyone though. Many metal fans will find it lacking in tempo and guts. It doesn’t have the anger or the intense, emotional vocals metal fans are used to. This is a good album and if you enjoy something a bit different then it’s worth giving this a go. And scratch beneath the surface. The emotion is there, it’s just being emoted in a different way than many of us are used to.

This review was originally written for Alternative Matter, a site which has now closed down.


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