Review: Insomnium – One For Sorrow

It’s hard not to have high expectations of any band producing metal from Finland with the likes of Amorphis, Apocalyptica, and Turisas to name just a few of the leagues of bands that pour from the country each year. Insomnium are among the greats known for producing melodic death metal. Their latest album One For Sorrow is due for release in October and it promises to deliver some diverse atmospheric metal.

Described by the band as an album about “bereavement, grief and loss” the melancholic undertow holds strong throughout each song. The album gets off to a slow start with the wretched vocals by Niilo Sevänen building substance. The instrumental aspects also build power and substance, this may be an album of melancholy but this is also an album of diversity. Each song demonstrates another aspect of Insomnium’s musicianship.

There are upbeat almost folky riffs in places, combined with the power of the double kick drum (Marcus Hirvonen) giving a contrasting sound and energy. The power and fluidity released from having the two guitars (Ville Friman & Ville Vänni) is remarkable and the melodic nature of the guitars is an absolute contrast to Niilo Sevänen’s stark vocals.

One For Sorrow has been perfectly produced, the mixing of each element is such that the album has an air of haunting melancholy with just enough diversity to keep the listener engaged, fans happy, and most of all the band’s story told.

This review was originally written for Alternative Matter, a site which has now closed down.


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