Review: Cicada – Cicada

This is the self titled debut album from Cicada, a metal band from Canada. They are made up of Chester Long on bass and vocals, Anson May on guitar and vocals, Joe Pottie on drums, and Nathan Collupy on rather randomly the Djembe!

This album slaps you in the face and wakes you up right from the opening riffs of Cleansing of the Wicked. On the surface this is another metal band, but the Djembe really does add another level of weird to the mix. It’s hard to pin point exactly where in the metal genre this band sits, the vocals shift from deep death growls to hardcore screams.

There is a disjointed feel to the songs where the streams of vocals and instruments aren’t quite gelling together as one unit. This is made more noticeable by the poor production quality, which has left the album with a hollow cave like quality to the sound.

The songs themselves are actually really good which makes it a real shame that there are technical and composition issues which are letting them down. Some work pulling things together and investment in better production would have produced a much stronger debut for this band.

I imagine that this band are a force to be reckoned with live but they need to translate this to the studio and haven’t done so with this record.

This review was originally written for Alternative Matter, a site which has now closed down.


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