Review: Stonelake – Marching On Timeless Tales

This Swedish band, fronted by Peter Grundström on vocals, have been together in one form or another since the eighties, yet they only been released their first album as Stonelake in 2006. Stonelake are said to represent everything that we loved about eighties stadium metal. Their music is big and loud, with epic riff filled solo’s and escalating vocals. This is my first encounter with this band and I having listened to this album I agree with it. This album hits hard and heavy, whilst keeping a melodic underbelly.

Marching on Timeless Tales is Stonelake’s fifth studio album, and encompasses their signature stadium rock bordering on power metal including immense guitar solo’s from Jan Åkesson in songs such as Liar and Rain. It is clear that a lot of thought has gone into the composition of each song and even the album as a whole which flows nicely and fits together perfectly.

The vocals throughout this album are epic, and at times rip through the instrumentals with an intensity often missing in this genre. Check out songs such as Snake Child where this is particularly evident. I’m also extremely impressed by the drumming on this album, I found myself focussing on the drums over everything else in some parts of this album.

The only downfall to this album is that there isn’t anything particularly original on this album, this is a genre which has been done to death so a band would have to do something spectacular to stand out and Stonelake haven’t done that with Marching On Timeless Tales. This is an enjoyable album though and a pleasure to listen to.

This review was originally written for Alternative Matter, a site which has now closed down.


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