Back To Basics

A little while ago I posted how my family and I had made a pact not to buy each other Christmas presents this year, we spoke about it in the summer deciding that Christmas gets too expensive for no good reason and that spending time together was more important. The decision was made that only children would receive presents at Christmas going forward. Although we have got all the family a little bit of fun in lieu of a present, which took some assembling so I hope they enjoy!

My husband and I built on this simplicity, deciding not to buy excessive presents for each other. I have had my subscription to Metal Hammer renewed, his to MixMag and we will renew our membership to the National Trust. We see these as presents that keep giving, and above all they are one’s we really want and are not excessively expensive.

I have been really unwell for the past month so where I would normally have been stocking up food for Christmas I have been in hospital and on mandatory bed rest and so high on painkillers I wouldn’t know a Christmas Pudding from a bath sponge! This lack of long term stocking up meant that Hubby and I needed to plan what what we wanted to ensure we budgeted properly over the next 2 weeks (especially as we don’t know when I will be back to work).

The decision we made was that we really didn’t want all the rubbish that we normally buy in. We found ourselves with loads of crap last year right the way through into February that we really didn’t want and we’d bought it just because it was Christmas! So we decided we would buy food in for Christmas dinner and that’s it. No festive nibbles, no tins of sweets, or biscuits or packs and packs of cakes and so on and on and on.

We’ve only sent cards to our closest friends and family and have made a charity donation in lieu of sending cards to everybody we know for the sake of it and because we have saved money on presents etc.

I think our Christmas spend will be down by about £500+ this year between the presents and the food, and I’ve not had to touch the credit card for the first Christmas in my adult life! We were never big spenders in the scheme of things anyway, I’ve heard what others spend on presents and almost had heart failure!

Imagine if everybody just went back to basics and enjoyed Christmas for what it stands for instead of buying into the commercialism?! I bet there would be a lot less debt in this country…the world even (although the shops wouldn’t be too happy!)


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