Teaching Blog Writing

I work at an Internet marketing agency which means we are constantly changing the way we do things, the Internet changes all the time and to stay ahead of the curve we need to change with it. It makes life exciting, it means that my job is always interesting and never boring.

Because of these changes we have recently expanded our team of writers and I have been leading the charge with getting the team trained.

Training in the art of blogging is quite a bizarre thing, blogging is something I’ve been doing in both a professional and personal forum for such a long time now that it’s sometimes difficult to remember what it was like to still be learning and unsure of how to best produce content.

For those of us training the team we’ve had to remember that most of them are recently out of University and so have not written in a professional environment before. They are great writers but they need training on the basics of research, profiling, planning, and execution.

It’s been a learning curve for me aswell, it’s made me think about how I formulate my work, what are the processes I go through, albeit very automatically these days?

It’s been a positive experience and I am now looking at additional training I can provide the team to help their ongoing development.

If you want to do some training of your own, I highly recommend signing up to Create Sparkling Copy a free e-course offered over at Brutal Pixie.


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