Goodbye Gramps – a personal eulogy

We’ve all lost people close to us, yesterday my Gramps passed away after several months of being severely ill. It’s been a tough few months for everybody, especially him. I wanted to write this post as my own personal eulogy to this wonderful man and the impact he made on my life.

Gramps was a lot of things to a lot of people;

To my Nan he was a loving husband for 57 years. To my Mum and Aunt he was a loving Father. To myself and my siblings he was Gramps or Grampy (when we were children that would sometimes be nicknamed to Grumpy!) and to my Niece he was Great Grampy.

As a child I would spend time with him watching the wrestling on a Saturday. I’m not talking about WWE, I’m talking old school wrestling with Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks. I’ve never watched it without him, never really watched WWE but Saturday’s with him wouldn’t have been the same without it.

In school holiday’s he would sit me down with a pen and paper for the half hour that Countdown was on and challenge me. To this day I’ve not solved a conundrum! If I ever do I’ll know it’s him looking down on me helping me out!

He lived a simple life but he was happy with this, his focus was his family, always. He never said much, he always left the talking to my Nan. But he was always there, the stone wall of the family. He would never let anybody hurt any of us and he was always there for a cuddle or an ear. He would do anything to see any of us happy, especially my Nan.

Like me, he was a bookworm, he would always pass his old books to me I’ve got piles of books still to read that came via him. One of his favourite authors was Jeffery Deaver and I felt this quote from The Bone Collector (the first book he ever passed to me) was appropriate:

 “We have years to converse with someone, to blurt and rant, to explain our desires and anger and regrets – and oh how we squander those moments.”

I’m grateful that I said everything I wanted to say to my Gramps.  We spent time together, we laughed and we cried. I got to say Goodbye to him before he died and I got to promise him that my Nan would be well looked after.

I can’t imagine how life is going to be without him in it, he has always been there for everything, the coming days, weeks and months are going to be painful but I have a fantastic family and we will pull together and get through this the way he would have wanted…as a family.

RIP Gramps, you will always be in my heart.


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