The Grand National: A National Disgrace

I’ve always been very much against horse racing of any kind, and have countless arguments about it with friends and family alike, but The Grand National is by far the worst of all known races, at least in the UK. Many people see it as a ‘bit of fun’ and for these people it’s the only time they will take a flutter at the bookies. But what about the hundreds of horses that get killed in horse racing? How is it OK to keep letting this carnage continue?

Today saw yet another race and another two horse fatalities. This brings the total number of horse race deaths since 2007 to 816, how is this acceptable? Between 2000 and 2011 37 of these deaths have been at the Grand National alone!

When you add to this that breeders purposely over-breed race-horse to ensure that they can get the best possible race horses with those horses that don’t make the grade often being slaughtered for meat or just being neglected it’s hard to understand why this industry hasn’t been put to a stop yet.

And then you look at the viewing figures for the Grand National, it’s estimated 500-600 million people around the world watch this race, if only tenth of them place bets that’s major money for the bookies.

Even so, how can so many people think that it is OK for animals to be so mistreated? Are we so caught up in the chance to win a bit of money? Have we just become completely numb to seeing horrific events that it doesn’t affect us? Surely if the jockey’s were dying the story would be different?

Whatever the reason this abomination of a sport has run yet another race and killed two more horse and unfortunately I doubt it will end any time soon.

I wish there was some way to make people realise that the money isn’t worth the cost to life but unfortunately far too many people just don’t seem to care.


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