Review: Hawkwind – Onward

After over 40 years in the business Hawkwind are releasing their 27th studio album at the end of this month which will be closely followed by a UK tour in May/June.

Title Onward the album is a two-disc treat of the space-age rock that has come to encapsulate who Hawkwind are and what we expect from this band.

The band’s line up these days features: Dave Brock on vocals, guitar and synths; Richard Chadwick on drums and vocals; Tim Blake on keyboards and theremin; Mr Dibs on vocals and bass; and Niall Hone on bass, synth, sequencing and guitar.

As with most Hawkwind records this album takes several listens to start getting your head around. Opening track Seasons begins with a metallic ambience that wouldn’t be out of place in a horror movie, and soon breaks into a strong riff with some grainy vocals. Hawkwind are rocking it.

The album continues in a similar vein, lets be honest, we don’t expect anything less from Hawkwind. They write songs that would fit in perfectly in a sci-fi or horror movie, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

What I like most about this is the fact that after so many years in the business this is a band who can continue to stay true to their roots, they are utilising the technology available to them now as much as they did when they started and as they always have they want to take their listeners on an audio journey and no listen is ever the same as the last!

Stand out tracks are Death Trap, The Prophecy and Right To Decide. 

Fans will love this album, neutrals will be interested and newbies may well be a little confused…but they’ll feel the need to keep on listening.

Onward is released on 30th April 2012


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