Review: American Hollow – Screaming Into The Void

From Salt Lake City, American Hollow describe themselves as a progressive metal band. Screaming Into The Void is their second release (an EP that could easily pass as a shorter album) and demonstrates their skill with a more space rock sound.

The haunting intro that is Resurrect Dead on Planet Jupiter introduces Last Dream Before Dawn, a song with dual layerd vocals both male & female which add an air of lost ambience and passion to the song. Say Is It Really True (a cover of the Eloy song) adopts the use of air raid siren sound effects, piano, crisp vocals and acoustic guitar work before ending with a sludgy feel, this is the first hint of metal we are treated to and I’m hoping for it to continue.

By far the strongest song on the record is Bonfire of Myth: Tableau an 11 minute treat of progressive metal styles such as distorted guitars, a jazz style riff, intensity throughout. But there are also poetic vocals, strong lyrics, acoustic breaks, and feelings of ambience that you wouldn’t normally get with a prog metal piece. Take a listen for yourself:

There are some clear political messages in this record which I really like, I like it when people/bands stand up for their beliefs. However, I’m not keen on the news reel’s/speeches that are used at the beginning/end of songs, this is becoming quite a popular thing with many prog bands though so this is really a personal taste thing and unfortunately not to mine.

Overall, this is a really enjoyable EP, I probably wouldn’t categorise the band as prog metal based on this. More prog rock/space rock. They have talent though, and the production is good. It’s great when an unsigned band put the effort and money into a quality recording and American Hollow have done that!

Screaming Into The Void is out now and can be purchased from Bandcamp


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