Review: Tyketto – Dig In Deep

Their first album in eighteen year Tyketto fans have been waiting a long time for Dig In Deep. There is always a concern when a band returns after such a long hiatus. Will the songs be good? Will the band be true to their roots? Will they sound any good? Well, let me assure you, Tyketto have done a thoroughly good job putting this record together.

The band’s current line-up features Danny Vaughn, Brooke St James, Jimi Kennedy, and Michael Clayton…basically, the all original line up back together again.

So with the original line up being back together again comes a sound that takes the band back to their roots. This is classic rock, pure and simple. Danny Vaughn’s voice is still powerful and the band still gel together the way they did back in 87 when they first started.

So, standout tracks, The Fight Left In Me has strong vocals, lyrics and riffs that have a bluesy rock feel to them. Title track, Dig In Deep, is a rough and ready track, the drums and bass are the main focus of this track and the chorus is anthemic and very stadium rock.

The only disappointing part for me is the final track This Is How We Say Goodbye, a ballad. I have never understood how classic rock bands always feel the need to put a ballad on an otherwise perfectly good album? Unless they are a knockout amazing ballad, really don’t bother!

Overall, this is a great album for a quiet Sunday afternoon, and will certainly be making Tyketto fans very happy.

Dig In Deep was released on April 20th by Frontiers Records.


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