Review: Trixter – New Audio Machine

Trixter have just released their first album of original songs since 1992, a band who for all intents and purposes passed by the wayside on their first go around the block. There were countless other melodic hard rock bands around in the late 80’s early 90’s and most were being drowned out by the up and coming grunge scene of the time.

Despite some success in the billboard charts and on MTV Trixter just didn’t get the longevity in the minds of most fans that some of the other bands got and they split in 1995. After reforming in 2007 with a line up consisting of Peter Loran, Steve Brown, PJ Farley, and Mark ‘Gus’ Scott they have now released New Audio Machine.

Opening with an old school blues riff and vocal performance that about one minute is given a heavier guitar undertone to let you know that, yes, this is pure hard rock. Drag Me Down is the perfect opener. The album continues with powerful riffs, anthemic choruses all reminiscent of this genre of music.

I’m not keen on Physical Attraction or Tattoos & Misery they just don’t feel new and there really isn’t anything special or original about them, they feel like fillers and with an album that has 11 tracks, they could comfortably have been left off.

This being said Ride is a stand out track as is Save Your Soul, both have thundering guitar tracks at the level expected for this genre.

Overall New Audio Machine is an enjoyable listen. This isn’t an album that will knock your socks off. It won’t make album of the year. It will make Trixter fans happy, it will make fans of the genre sit up and listen but it’s unlikely to break new ground.

That said, it’s bloody great to see a band like Trixter back in the saddle and so obviously enjoying the ride!

New Audio Machine was released on April 20th by Frontiers Records


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