Review: The Wretched End – Inroads

A collaborative project between Samoth of Emperor/Zyklon and Cosmo of Mindgrinder, The Wretched End is a creative exploration into black, death and thrash metal. The debut album Ominous was released in 2010, Inroads is the follow-up from this project.

It has to be said, collaborations don’t always go so well, need I say the word Lulu, however Samoth and Cosmo seem to have found a happy medium between their ‘roots’ and their experimental avenues. On each track there are the signature sounds we would expect from each of them intertwined with the more experimental sounds.

Opener Tyrant Of The Mountain really introduces listeners to a lethal dose of black metal vocals and depth, with a thrash metal instrumental which tears apart every expectation from the outset. This is truly disturbing stuff, but in a you can’t stop listening sense.

The album continues like this the intense opening of The Haunting
leaves you trembling the vocals just intensify this feeling, this is a sensual rollercoaster with every nerve ending on the ride with you.

Blackthorn Winter is another track with eerie sections, such as everything going silent except for a repetitive guitar riff. Truly excellent.

There is a lot more of Emperor in this album than the first, but that doesn’t take away from what a superb job The Wretched End have done on tying together multiple genres and making them work. The air of dystopia and suffocation throughout the tracks is well executed and Inroads provides a full journey for the senses.

This is hard-hitting, interesting, and a treat for people with imagination and open minds!

Inroads was released 23rd April by Candlelight Records.


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