Album Review: Wodensthrone – Curse

Formed in 2005, Wodensthrone are a black metal band from Sunderland, UK featuring, Wildeþrýð and Rædwalh on vocals and guitar, Árfæst on keyboards, Gerádwine on bass, and Hréowsian on drums and vocals. They released their debut album Loss in 2009 and are now following it up with Curse.

The Remaining Few offers a gentle opening almost acoustic with enunciated guitar work, before the album truly kicks off on Jormungandr with heavy drumwork and grinding guitars more closely associated with the black metal genre.

What stands clear as you listen to this album is how Wodensthrone have entwined elements of folk metal into their music, while predominately a black metal sound there is an essence of folk or even symphonic within the vocals, lyrics and production. Battle Lines is an especially strong track to highlight this. With strong orchestral elements and echoing vocals that haunt through the track. This song belongs on a film score where it can truly kick some ass.

Wyrgthu is a track that is reminiscent of early Emperor or Immortal that kicks off with an intensity that grinds through you like shards of glass, but develops into a piece that demonstrates the improving musicianship of each of the band members in turn, there is a true sense of the band’s development and growth within this album and it’s tracks like this that make them stand out.

The Name Of The Wind starts with some haunting sounds, acoustic guitar hooks, before breaking into a more melodic metal intro. The opening to this thirteen minute track is truly heartbreaking and inspiring simultaneously. Vocals don’t kick in until the fourth minute and when they do the ferocity is poignant.

This album is a pleasure to listen to, a fusion of black and folk metal creating an ethereal air of something bigger and better. Wodensthrone have produced an album of epic proportions with an intensity that has hooked me from the moment I hit play. This is an album with longevity, emotion, vocal inspiration, powerful musicianship and an intensity that is beyond compare with anything else currently available.

Curse was released 23rd April via Candlelight Records


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