EP Review: Havok – The Point Of No Return

Following their album Time Is Up, Denver thrash mettalers Havok return this month with a heavy EP consisting of two original tracks and two covers, one of those covers is of Sepultura’s classic, Alive. A strong cover which does them and Sepultura justice.

Havok are a strong band who are technically brilliant, they focus their ability not on the melodical but on the rhythmic aspects of their music. Producing excellent music that puts a spotlight on the drum and bass sections, creating a type of thrash we rarely get to experience.

Opening with Point of no Return, a rhythm heavy track with a stand out guitar solo that holds reminiscent of early Dave Mustaine. From The Cradle To The Grave is a hard and heavy rhythm track with sneering vocals and a baseline that will tear through you.

Their final cover is Slayer’s Postmortem/Raining Blood again well executed with a strong rhythm angle to the track. These covers are a band playing homage to bands they respect, and they have covered them well.

Currently on tour throughout Europe with 3 Inches Of Blood this is a band worth checking out!

The Point Of No Return is released May 14th on Candlelight Records


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