GUEST BLOG: KISS launch Destroyer beer in Australia… and more besides

Yes, this post was going to be a review of the jaunt to Broken Hill with IMMINENT PSYCHOSIS. It’s a poor experience for you, having promises broken, but I haven’t finished it. It’s about half done. And it’s so long that it is in desperate need of slicing to pieces and being carefully re-formed with sticky tape. You’ll get it eventually.

Instead, here’s a bit of a round up of goings on musically here and overseas. Well, by “here”, I mean “Australia”. 😛

First is the news that KISS, ever one to try to make another buck, launch ‘Destroyer’ beer in Australia. This announcement comes not very long at all after their Family Guy merch deal. You gotta hand it to them: their first single ever released was about anal sex, and they still find new ways of making money. Which they do, hand over … uh… fist. All States Liquor have started importing this Swedish pils-style beer, and at the moment it’s only available in Melbourne & Perth. I’m thinking I might well have to import some to South Australia….

Street press is pretty much a given, but Brisbane have recently lost the ever-popular Rave magazine, which is shutting its doors and giving its employees redundancies.  Rave has a long history: 21 years and over 1000 issues! The official statement didn’t give us much to go on, but if given the state of play of Australia’s print media lately (ahem, Fairfax), it’s probably a financial matter.

Brisbane is also set to have its iconic Tivoli auctioned off. This keystone live music venue is being sold in order to break up the family company and distribute assets to all beneficiaries. They’re hoping that it will continue, just under the care of someone else. Check out the auction page here.

It’s not metal, so I don’t care, but the 2012 Fat As Butter festival lineup has just been announced. You can see it here.

Wanna work for Australia’s #1 music industry publication? The Music Network is after interns, for a three-month stint in their offices in Sydney. Unfortunately, there’s no closing date, so if you want in, you’ll have to be quick!

A 41-year-old man has faced court this week for attempting to kidnap a 21 year-old woman and a 16-year-old man from the Port Fairy Folk Festival, by claiming to be a Council Officer charged with ensuring patrons got home safely. He faced Warrnambool Magistrates’ this week. Interesting news for me, because my uncle started that Festival. I’m actually surprised more nefarious things haven’t happened, given how big that festival has become.

And tons of stuff about my home state, South Australia, in the music news this week!

The first is that license fees aren’t going up until January next year, after a huge petition push by club owners, who successfully argued that much of their actual money is made after midnight. The larger clubs pay something like $10k + at the moment for the privilege of staying open very late. Apparently the goal is for clubs to not have to pay fees at all… but… really? Look at the society we’re living in.

Triple M Executive in Adelaide was belted by a member of the public with a claw-hammer, but he’s ok and has been discharged from hospital after being treated for head injuries.

A former FIVEaa presenter (also in Adelaide, for those of you who don’t know), has been cleared of all charges of sexually assaulting young a teenager in the ’70s.

Australian jazz pianist Graeme Bell, aged 97, has died following a stroke. His claim to fame is to have put Australian jazz on the world map:

 touring Europe in the late 1940s and recording with American blues legend Big Bill Broonzy. In 1997 he was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame, and the Australian jazz awards are called The Bells in his honour.

All this and more is from the very wonderful column by Christie Eliezer, which you can find here.


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