NEWS: Three new releases tomorrow!

Keep an eye out tomorrow when Iron Bonehead Productions make three releases from bands signed to their label.

Firstly is the LP version of Beyond’s Fatal Power of Death, secondly is Ancient Crypt’s Devoured by Serpents demo which is released on a pro-printed cassette(!), finally is a split 7″ featuring Chilean Unaus Sprechlichen Kulten and Godless. Make sure you go check these beastly releases out tomorrow!

beyond - lp cover small

Beyond – Fatal Power of Death

1. Expressions
2. Merciless at Heart
3. Whirlwinds
4. Fatal Power of Death
5. Schizopsychotic Eruption
6. Definite Decease (in the Chamber of Deathsalvation)
7. Appearance from Beyond
8. Consuming Black Void

IBP146_Cassette_Insert_T03.inddAncient Crypts – Devoured by Serpents

1. Deep into the Ancient Crypts
2. Between the Mortuary Remains
3. Devoured by Serpents
4. Procession to Nyarlathotep



unaussprechlichen_kulten_godless_split_ep - SMALLUnausspechlichen Kulten / Godless – Split 7″

1. Azathoth, Azazel, Azoth (Unausspechlichen Kulten)
2. Ontomorsophia (Godless)


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