Don’t Let A Music Legacy Be Closed

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”
― Albert Einstein

The Bristol music scene is facing a fight, and while I have been quiet on this blog for some time, this fight has riled the need for me to speak up and spread my support for the venue in question.

Developers wanting to create more residential apartments in the centre of Bristol have chosen an old office block. Unfortunately the location of this means that once they get residents in The Fleece will most likely end up closed down due to noise complaints. We won’t even get into the argument that people shouldn’t move into apartments that are next door to a live music venue if they don’t want noise, because we all know from experience that this doesn’t seem to work as an argument for the poor venues which get orders to close from the courts after the complaints come through.

The thing here is that The Fleece is a real institution for the live music scene in Bristol. Bands of all genres and levels of experience and professionalism play there, from amateur local bands just starting out, to very well known bands that draw huge crowds.

The Fleece was the first venue that I ever saw a band play and it is easily my favourite venue in Bristol. As a teenager I used to stay with my school-friend (who’s Mum ran the pub next door) and we would go to see whichever bands were playing on a Friday night.

As I got older and my love for metal more pronounced I started attending metal gigs there as often as possible. I’ve reviewed and interviewed bands there numerous times, and seen bands play there who at the time were pretty much unknown but have gone on to be massive names in the music industry.

To lose The Fleece would be a devastating blow to Bristol’s music scene and cultural heritage.

Sign the petition to save The Fleece here

View coverage of this story on ITV News here

And…I will leave you with this video of Sepultura playing at The Fleece earlier this year!


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