Finally, The Twig Just Snapped

“Sometimes I think there’s a beast that lives inside me, in the cavern that’s where my heart should be, and every now and then it fills every last inch of my skin, so that I can’t help but do something inappropriate. Its breath is full of lies; it smells of spite.”
― Jodi Picoult, Handle with Care

Yesterday, Jezebel, the landlord, had another go with her bullshit and lies. This time she decided to also assume that we were going to extend our tenancy by six months and had drawn up contracts etc. WTF?! This woman is a nutjob!

I’ve discussed on this blog how many times I’ve privately blown a fuse over this woman but this time I was in hospital, dosed up on meds and able to hold my temper a little better…that was until I saw how much she had upset my Husband… What follows is an edited version of the email she was blasted last night.

It was time that Jezebel got some home truths! (Please bear in mind I was fuming with anger writing this so grammar was not my prime priority)

I have been shown your latest attempt at complete and utter bullshit. You have done nothing but tell lie upon lie since we have moved into the property and your reaction to my being sick and a slight delay in rent….ONCE, which lasted a few weeks because I did the responsible thing and claimed benefits to ensure you received your rent was atrocious….it’s funny how your arguments and refusals to accept housing benefit dissipated once we had the money and were able to pay you!

I did what any sensible person would do and sought advice, I have done this for a number of things, including my business matters as I have had to cease contracts while I am ill. Because that is what you do when you run a business and are a professional you seek advice and ensure you do things correctly and properly.

You have been rude, threatening and a down right bully over the past few months resulting in me trying to kill myself at one point where I couldn’t take your lies and threats anymore on top of some very serious health matters. And I was advised by doctors to keep away from you and any contact with you but today I have been pushed to my limit and even sitting in a hospital bed isn’t going to stop this coming out. You’ve also asked lots of personal questions about what is wrong with me, let me make this very clear, it is none of your business, absolutely none of it, we told you I was sick as a courtesy not so you could dig into my personal life.

You “assume” we want to stay in the property, we responded to your barrel of lies and “assumptions” when you said we had given notice stating this wasn’t the case but at no time have you asked us if we want to stay. Why would we want to stay in a property where the landlord thinks
– it’s ok to leave a hole in the kitchen roof for months on end, and doesn’t respond to a request for emergency cover to stop rain coming through.
– takes three months to fix a boiler leaving us with no hot water
– tells us in Nov 2012 when we move the rendering will be getting fixed then it’s still not done in Jan 2014 when we report that the roof now has a hole and the walls are running water
– has never sent a gas engineer to check the gas safety (you said you have a certificate from. November last year…would love to know where that materialised from as you never sent anyone on November 2013 or 2012 so all I can think is it’s forged.)
– put the rent up without given one months written notice as per the law, which we paid out of courtesy.
– refers to the tenants as unprofessional dossers.

This whole informal arrangement you claim we had is quite frankly Bullshit. We found the property on Gumtree and agreed to your advertised price (I still have a copy of the advert)…it took me six months of phoning and texting (a phone number you had changed and not told me you’d changed until we phoned your work landline after the boiler broke I add) to get the lease from you. I made no informal arrangement with you nor would I. I spent ten years working in law firms I am not stupid enough to make informal agreements when contracts are required!

As usual you are grasping at straws trying to make up for the fact that you don’t have a clue what you are doing. Which you proved in not protecting our deposit, now you put it in a scheme and say the tenancy start date is June 2014 when our tenancy start date was November 2012 and you have been asked numerous times to return the deposit to us in full. I guess we will see you in court.

We will be sending you our formal one months notice next week. We wouldn’t stay in your property if you paid us and quite frankly I hope the council blacklist you. You give landlords a bad name, in fifteen years of renting I have never had an issue with any property and I’ve always had a fantastic relationship with my landlords but you have driven me beyond despair.

You had the nerve to refer to me as an unprofessional dosser because I am sick and unable to work right now, but I am a better person than you will ever be.

You are a liar and you disgust me!

My Mum once said she pities anyone who gets on the bad side of me…I am a nice person generally but I will not be made a fool of and I will stand my ground and tell it like it is.

This woman hides behind lies, but I have records of everything, I may be sick and I may have mental health problems but I am no fool and I will not be taken for a ride.


3 thoughts on “Finally, The Twig Just Snapped

  1. Sounds like you're making the right move and getting the heck outta Dodge! She'll likely get her comeuppance at some point in the future but still, it's not nice to hear what you've been on the end of.


  2. Thanks Pete, have decided she's psychotic, she kicked off again last week so have moved to parents for a few weeks until new place is free.


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