When is Enough Really Enough

“Enough is not a quantity. It’s a deadline.” ― Sean DonahueI’ve had a few, shall we say, awkward situations develop recently which today came to a head. One very directly the other more indirectly but in both cases my ability to continue playing nice and being the good guy who said and did the right…… Continue reading When is Enough Really Enough

Just Because I Smiled…

“Smiling is confusing, she thought. This is why I don’t do it.” ― Rainbow Rowell, FangirlOne of the biggest pet peeves of anyone with mental illness I’ve ever spoken to is the assumptions of other people, especially those assumptions made around if we smile everything is absolutely fine and we are no longer sick.It’s as…… Continue reading Just Because I Smiled…

The Frustrations of Searching for a Diagnosis

I’ve previously discussed how my bowel condition has caused untold grief, taking twenty years for me to get a GP to listen to me and refer me to a Gastro specialist and that since being under the consultant things haven’t gone smoothly.The tests I have had have now gone into double figures, and I have…… Continue reading The Frustrations of Searching for a Diagnosis

Blurt It Out – The Book

Not something I normally publish here but this book is raising money for a worthy charity and so is worth the mention!

Blurt It Out – The Book

I’ve debated writing about my childhood in detail rather than just referencing it here and there several times. It has been dismissed pretty much every time I’ve considered it, until I found out that The Blurt Foundation were putting together an e-book which could be sold to raise money towards their mentoring scheme which helps…… Continue reading Blurt It Out – The Book