Blurt It Out – The Book

I’ve debated writing about my childhood in detail rather than just referencing it here and there several times.

It has been dismissed pretty much every time I’ve considered it, until I found out that The Blurt Foundation were putting together an e-book which could be sold to raise money towards their mentoring scheme which helps people suffering with Depression.

In a momentary spurt of bravery I signed up to contribute my story to the book in the hope that my experiences of having a neglectful and abusive father and living with a diagnosis of depression from the age of nine could potentially help children coping with similar situations now.

To say writing my story was hard would be an understatement, I’ve spent a lot of time delving through uncomfortable memories and deciding how to write a story I never thought would make it’s way into the public realm. It caused many sleepless nights, nightmares and lots of tears, and writing it while I’m going through a period of depression made this process especially difficult as I found myself fighting past and present demons.

I don’t want people to feel sorry for me and I certainly didn’t want to relive any of those experiences, but my aim through the whole project was the hope I could help someone not feel so alone, as I did as a child. With all the support I did have, I still felt desperately alone because I thought I was the only person who felt the way I did, and had been through what I had. It was only as an adult I learned differently. I would like to change that for anyone going through these things today.

The book, aptly named, Blurt it out – living with and surviving depression, contains not only my story, but the wonderfully moving and inspirational stories of several other contributors who took time to write about their own experiences in the hope they could offer a glimmer of light to someone else.

Everyone who has contributed to this book has done so voluntarily, we’ve all put our hearts and souls into this book and given a vulnerable part of ourselves to show the battles depression presents, but also the hope we gain from challenging our own illness.

The book is officially launched on 15th September at £3.49 and until then you can pre-order it at a Pay What You Can deal. Remember this book has been produced to help a charity which helps those felling alone and deserted when they are suffering with Depression, so if you are in a position to do so please be generous! If you are not and are looking for some inspiration then pick this up at a bargain while you still can!

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