My Gluten Free Journey

My journey to becoming gluten free and on a low FODMAP diet.


A Suicide Story

When the public turn on people with mental illness for being suicidal who is to blame?

Make Your Soul Sing

How a friend’s blog post inspired me to find inspiration from life and art.

Slaying the Dragon

When drinking becomes alcoholism.

Depression Awareness Week

My story of depression for depression awareness week.

Prior Park, Bath

A visit to the National Trust site, Prior Park Landscape Garden in Bath.

General Election 2015 – A Dilemma!

Deciding who to vote for in the General Election.

Spring is the time of plans and projects

A mental health update from Brizzle Lass.

Betrayed or the Betrayer?

How I dealt with feeling betrayed while dealing with post-overdose feelings.


Friendships, the types of friendships I have and how they can affect my mental health.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2015: Submissions

I have borrowed this post from Claire Greaves a very strong and courageous young lady, who shares her own mental health battles with the rest of us. I felt the messages she had to share and what she was asking for in this post was so fantastic that I would also post it here and help her spread the word.

A Spoken Choir

*Trigger Warning*I’ve spent this Easter weekend battling some new demons. Four new voices so vivid and real that I keep turning around and expecting to see people stood around me. These are not friendly voices, they are cruel, destructive and persuasive. Triggering my urges to hurt myself and unusually others.I’ve previously experienced my own voice…… Continue reading A Spoken Choir

A Return To Blogging

Why I’ve returned to blogging, an update on my recent crisis.