Be Mindful

This week, 11-17 May, is the annual Mental Health Awareness Week organised by the Mental Health Foundation.

Every year they focus on an area of Mental Health and ask people to promote not only Mental Health but their chosen subject to get all people, not only those with a vested interest in the mental health field, talking about mental health issues.

This year their chosen subject is Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a therapy, a way for people to manage their thoughts, their stress and become whole with what is going on in their head. I have heard quite a lot about Mindfulness in the past six months or so, but have never been offered this therapy as part of my own recovery or treatment plan so have no experience of it myself.

The Mental Health Foundation have a great summary about what Mindfulness is and how it can help you, they also link to Podcasts and YouTube videos to help you learn more about the practice. I particularly liked this video of Ruby Wax talking about how Mindfulness has helped her.

There are also two great websites which I would recommend that people interested in Mindfulness get acquainted with.

BeMindful is a website set up by The Mental Health Foundation specifically to give much more information around Mindfulness, how to practice it, where to learn it and so on. It is a one stop Mindfulness shop. They have also created an online course which can be accessed via this offers you the opportunity to get started for free, if you are enjoying the course the full ten week course is £60, far cheaper than the alternative of going for private sessions with a therapist which would cost you at least that per session. There is an introduction on the home page to give you an overview, and having watched this I think that once I am in a healthier place mentally I will definitely be signing up to try Mindfulness.

Finally, check out the map to see if there are any events happening near to your location this week.

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, Mental Health Awareness Week.


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