Review: Aldi Wagyu Burgers – Gluten Free

Doing my weekly shop in Aldi a few days ago I was doing my usual roam around the shelves looking at new items and checking the ingredients just in case something that looked rather delicious was gluten free. This most often ends up in disappointment but on picking up some burgers that looked particularly nice I was surprised on reading the ingredients to see they contained rice flour, a little further down it actually stated gluten free…awesome!

I’ve only been eating meat for two years after I was advised to start eating it for health reasons having been vegan. I’ve only been eating red meat for a fraction of that time, and I still can’t quite settle myself with the whole concept, just the smell of a steak is enough to send me running! However, I’m trying, and Aldi stocking gluten free burgers at £2.99 is always a good opportunity to work on that!

The burgers were really thick a good half an inch and I decided to only eat one of them in one go, I’m not normally a burger eater. If I’m eating meat I tend to eat actual pieces of meat so I know what I have, I think the vegan in me is still stalking around somewhere!

I’m not a fan of frying and cooked it in the oven for 10 minutes instead, it cooked through really well, and came out just over medium. If you prefer the meat still a bit rare just cook for a little less time.

It didn’t lose any substance in the cooking process so was still as thick when it came out as it had been going into the cooking process.
It tasted delicious, it was smooth and had no gristle (I really don’t like gristle, I will stop eating if I find any). The taste was rich but not overpowering, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I don’t know how long these are likely to be in store as they were in the special buy section of the fridge, but I hope they become a regular!

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