Travel: Avon Gorge Boat Tour

My Nan turned 81 this year, you would never know it though, she is this super fit and active woman who is always out and about. I literally can never reach her on the phone because she is never home. She goes to so many clubs and is part of the local LinkAge committee, she’s been on local and national news representing older people in the past year and is pretty much not what you expect from someone in their 80’s.

For her birthday this year I decided I would buy her something to do rather than a present, last summer we had taken a tour of Bristol harbour on the ferries and she had mentioned she would love to go down the gorge and under the Bristol Suspension Bridge on a boat. This seemed like something I could arrange!

I booked tickets with Bristol Ferry, originally I had wanted to book a trip on The Matthew but, well, I’m not loaded! The booking process is primitive but simple, you pick up the phone and give your details, they post your ticket! I admit my social anxiety went loopy at the prospect of picking up the phone so I had Hubby make the booking for me!

Bank Holiday Monday was the day we headed out on our trip, my Brother joined us on our trip. The boat arrived and we had Brigantia, which was fronted by a Gromit! We managed to get a seat out on the front of the ferry, ideal for me as I was feeling very anxious and the fresh air was helpful.

The trip was wonderful, heading through Bristol Docks, the locks and onto the River Avon. The weather played nice and we had plenty of sun aswell. It was a peaceful trip with a bit of commentary here and there where there was useful tourist information to share. Seeing the Bristol Suspension Bridge from that angle was lovely.

We got to see some different wildlife, Herons and a Buzzard. Plus bizarrely my parents appeared along the way waving like lunatics!

They had some food and drink available for sale on the boat which some people took advantage of. We had taken our own water and some gluten free snack bars. As it was a morning trip we knew we would be back for lunch so didn’t worry about needing too much food for the trip.

The trip was just under three hours altogether and was thoroughly enjoyable, I would recommend this to locals and visitors to Bristol.


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