Music for when Life Sucks

For a while now I have been planning a series of posts on music, and this is the first of those posts. Each post will have a playlist which you may or may not choose to listen to!

Many people find music therapeutic, for me it’s been a huge part of my life since I can remember. The first time I picked up an instrument I was a toddler, by 7 I was having cello lessons, by 14 I had Grade 8 Clarinet, Saxophone, and Theory. My plan was to attend the Royal College of Music, and I was well on my way when a very pushy music teacher piled on the pressure and the anxiety sent me running. The last time I picked up an instrument was when my school wind band played my classical composition for my GCSE’s.

The hole left by not playing and writing music has never been filled, but the damage done by that teacher was irreversible.

Despite this, I have always clung to music and looked to be involved in music in different ways. Through my twenties I was very active in the local music scene in Bristol. Friendly with lots of bands, helping with promotion, attending gigs every day, helping to organise gigs.

When I hit my mid-twenties I started critiquing music. Firstly for a local website, Bristol Rocks, one of my favourite moments was getting to interview local band Onslaught. Now most people haven’t heard of these guys, but if, like me you are into the metal scene then being asked to go interview them is heart-stopping! I hadn’t been writing for long so to be asked was a big deal and it was one of the most memorable moments I’ve ever had. Not to mention nicest guys ever!

I was also asked to critique an album for a band based in California, about five years later on chatting to a colleague who was also a metal fan I was to find out he had been the drummer in that band, luckily it had been a good review!

I moved on from Bristol Rocks to write for several other online and printed publications. The most memorable and biggest learning curve was MetalAsFuck. I was working with “real” writers (like properly trained, knew what the hell they were doing!) on this site, it was international and the editor took no prisoners! That being said, she taught me shitloads about writing, critiquing, and is now a really good friend!

Having been so sick on and off for a few years I haven’t written for anyone for a while. That said music has been my constant companion through everything I’ve been through.

I will be up front here. I have no time for pop, it is manufactured bullshit these days. There was a time when pop music was passable, but now it’s nonsense and the record companies producing it should be shut down for endangering our ears!

I’m primarily a heavy metal fan, not rock, don’t confuse the two there is a difference! If I slip into rock it’s hard rock. I could narrow it down more but I will be doing that in future posts anyway!

I also really like Classical and Jazz. This may seem strange, but elements from both of these appear in a lot of metal.

I don’t have a favourite song or album. Different songs mean different things to me. I choose different albums, artists, genres, playlists, depending on my mood and many other factors.

The series of posts I will be producing will introduce you to some of the songs which mean something to me, for various reasons.

Today, I bring you the playlist of songs for when life sucks. These songs either have lyrics which relate to my life in some way; “I’m Not Jesus” for example is about not being able to forgive someone and telling them to leave your life. Other songs are ones that make me move regardless how depressed I am “Bodies” is great for that!

At the end of this series I will do a final post of songs recommended by readers (and yes I will even include pesky pop!) so let me know in the comments what do you recommend when life sucks?


3 thoughts on “Music for when Life Sucks

  1. Honestly, there are times when life sucks and I just need to wallow in it. That’s when I turn to Willie Nelson “Blue Eyes Cryin’ In the Rain”, Patsy Cline “Walkin After Midnight”, and Awolnation “Sail”.

    When I want to just mellow out from the stress then it’s hands down the Sountrack from Garden State.

    For fun and to get moving I admit to using pop like Maroon 5 or Taylor Swift. It gets worse though because for me nothing gets my body moving like Jefferson Starship “We Built this City” or Kenny Loggins “Footloose”.

    Music for everyday loving life is Grace Potter & the Nocturnals & Alabama Shakes.

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