Why Online Friends Are Important To Me

I love this post and just had to share it. My best friend who lives in USA, and I met through our blogs over 10 yrs ago! (She also met her Husband, a real life friend of mine through blogging…true story). Another of my closest friends is in Australia and again we met online, have worked together (remotely) and have been friends for 7/8 years now. I even met my Husband online.

My online friendships have sustained more and lasted through much more than many (although not all) of my “real life” friendships.

I value these friendships every day and the new friends I make online daily point towards new friendships I could have for a lifetime. Just today I met up with two Twitter friends in “real life” for the first time making that transition from online to real once again.

Jenny has touched on so many good and promising points in this post, I will stop rambling now and let you read!

Jenny in Neverland

When I started book blogging, over 2 years ago now, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t really fully understand what blogging – dedicated blogging – entailed and I wasn’t aware of how big the whole blogging community was. I’ve met a ton of people online; bloggers and authors. Some are acquaintances, some I no longer speak to, some I don’t get along with and others who have become firm friends. Not only did I not understand how many people there were to meet in the blogging world, I also didn’t understand quite how important having online friends would be to me.


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One thought on “Why Online Friends Are Important To Me

  1. Agreed. As you know from reading my last blog entry, online friends have pretty much become my dominant means of communication. I have to admit thanks to Twitter, I’m getting to know and chat with a few interesting people in recent weeks and loving every moment. My main email correspondent is a guy in New York… we’ve been emailing regularly for 8 years and by goodness, some of those are really long epics. They’re great, enjoy it and they help keep me human and sane.

    Given my anxiety issues, it works well for me because I can’t cause any offence by having to leave them after an hour or so… I can go at my own time and pace.


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