Schizophrenia Awareness Week 2015

TW: References to Suicide and Self Harm

Rethink Mental Illness have launched this year’s Schizophrenia Awareness Week with this moving video featuring real people whose lives are touched with Schizophrenia.

I don’t have Schizophrenia, but one in 100 people do, so chances are you will at least know somebody thoughout your life with this illness.

During this week. Rethink are asking for people to support their campaign to encourage the Government to provide more funding and support to our mental health services.

As a user of these services I can’t tell you enough how much this funding is needed. These are examples of things that have happened to me in the past 12 months alone as a result of a lack of funding to these services:

  • On almost losing my life after a suicide attempt I was sent home because they had no space, and my Husband was able to take time off of work to watch me.
  • I was referred by my psychiatrist for an urgent psychology assessment in April, six months later, this still hasn’t happened.
  • On having a severe episode of psychosis over the Easter weekend, I was told on calling the crisis line I needed to see a Dr nut none were available until the bank holiday was over, by the bank holiday Monday I was being treated in A&E for an overdose… Again I was shipped home the same day.
  • GP’s are reluctant to refer you back to mental health services because of the cost to them, I’ve fought and argued with my GP and had them adamantly refuse to refer me.
  • I needed a medication review because I was hypomanic and suffering psychosis, the earliest urgent appointment my Care-Coordinator could get for me was almost two months away, by this time I was depressed again.

These are just a few examples, that relate to me, in a short period in time. Add everyone’s together and it adds up! This service needs the funding, serious physical health illnesses wouldn’t be left underfunded to this extent.

Head over to Rethink Mental Illness and join the campaign today, it involves completing a form which will send an email to your local Clinical Commissioning Group.


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