Mental Health Week?

This week mental health has been a firm fixture in the news. It seems not a day has passed without an announcement or story popping up about mental health.

This is great and we need to see more mental health stories appearing in the news. But a week like this shouldn’t be an anomaly. We shouldn’t all be praising the news gods for picking up the story about NHS Mental Health Taskforce Report, or the governments pledge of more money for mental health, or that the Duchess of Cambridge became an Editor of the Huffington Post for a day.

Yes these things should be happening, yes more of these things should be happening. More often and more widely. But we shouldn’t have to feel as if we’ve won the lottery when they do and when they do spark a debate on national news programmes. 

The stigma surrounding mental health has us all cherishing these moments to the nth degree. But these moments should be more frequent, and just accepted as part of everyday life so that we can be happy enough to say “there was a story on the news again today”. 

At the moment there is this feeling of needing to shout it from the rooftops. To get momentum and fear of losing that momentum. What happens when this week is over. When the BBC have stopped their “In The Mind” season and moved on to something else, when the news cycle has found something else to talk about, and the Government have another group to appease? 

Mental health moves back into the closet is my fear. The hope that people outside of our circle keep talking, that this becomes an everyday occurrence is still just a hope. We are a long way from this being the norm. 

By the way…I hope the cynic in me is proved wrong!


3 thoughts on “Mental Health Week?

      1. Oh I agree, I think 30 years of seeing weeks like this occasionally pop up with documentaries, news stories etc then nothing have certainly jaded my hope a little. Things are definitely improving but it is so very very slow.

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