The Budget – Feedback

Later today George Osborne is expected to make further cuts to disability benefits, this is likely to have adverse affects on those with mental health issues, tomorrow I want to show how these expected cuts are likely to affect people like us.

Drop me a comment or tweet me @BrizzleLass to let me know your thoughts (you can be anonymous if you want). Tomorrow I will publish the post with all of your thoughts on it and share how these cuts are likely to hurt real people…


2 thoughts on “The Budget – Feedback

  1. Whilst nowhere quite as bad as expected, this Budget was the usual joke as he bragged of a further Billion to be put into disability benefits. On the surface that might sound like good news until you remember how Iain Duncan Smith has wasted billions on nasty contracts and schemes designed to throw disabled people off their benefits and another 600,000 more are set to be chopped starting next January. No doubt that so-called extra billion will be used to pay for IDS’s idiotic schemes. The disabled won’t see a penny of it.

    As for the effects, I can’t really talk about it in any detail but right now the DWP’s “cuts” forcing me to reapply for all my benefits have transformed my life into a complete nightmare and I am battling for my sanity because the nasty games and bullying that’s been going on is destroying me slowly but surely. Trust me, it’s a real horror story that’s reduced me to a complete wreck.

    And Osborne had the nerve to state “we’re all in it together” and that Inequality is on the decrease… whilst they keep kicking at us disabled people making us feel anything but equal.


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