Benefit Cuts – How Will It Affect Those With Mental Health?

Yesterday morning I asked blog readers to let me know how they thought the benefit cuts which were expected in the budget would affect them in the real world. Thank you to everyone who responded, these are very honest and moving answers.

“Every time there’s a budget I’m terrified George Osborne will do something that will destroy my life. Not even kidding. We can only survive because of DLA / Carers Allowance / Tax Credits / Housing Benefit. If we lose one of those we’re stuffed.”
– @hierath77

“Rather than solve the suicide crisis, the Tories are just looking to make money and as such more people will die.”
– @mattstreuli

“It’s a huge issue, and very scary. What’s happening with all the cuts to the most vulnerable at the moment is just so shocking. I can’t believe in this day & age, in the UK, we are going through this. It doesn’t need to be this way.”
– Hazy Daisy

“The DWP’s “cuts” forcing me to reapply for all my benefits have transformed my life into a complete nightmare and I am battling for my sanity because the nasty games and bullying that’s been going on is destroying me slowly but surely. Trust me, it’s a real horror story that’s reduced me to a complete wreck.

And Osborne had the nerve to state “we’re all in it together” and that Inequality is on the decrease… whilst they keep kicking at us disabled people making us feel anything but equal.”
– bazzabaz

For me, I worry about paying my bills, I receive ESA and PIP, I use these to pay my share of the bills, the bills I covered when I was working.

I don’t drink or smoke so  contrary to popular opinion and like many who have responded my benefits don’t disappear into a newsagent black hole!

I also have no debts and am very careful with every penny I spend.

More cuts, mean more stress, which is likely to mean more hospital time, and longer until I get back to work. Cuts aren’t helpful to anybody on benefits, especially not the disabled be the disability mental or physical.

I have also written a post for the Huffington Post about how I ended up on benefits which ties quite nicely to this. You can read that here.


6 thoughts on “Benefit Cuts – How Will It Affect Those With Mental Health?

  1. I feel like the government is always attacking me for being ill. My life has been turned upside down because of my illness, I used to be very independent, work 19hour days non stop etc, now I struggle to leave my house for even a short walk because I’m scared & paranoid, as if anyone would choose to feel like this! It’s hard enough to get the appropriate help for my mental illness, but now they’re doing this as well. It’s just fucking cruel. Thank you for writing about it & sharing.

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      1. Exactly! This is not going to help at all, it’ll blow up somehow…people will struggle to manage even more, and with no help from healthcare, pfft it’s not going to end well 😦 x


  2. At the moment I can afford to pay all my bills and keep on top of them for the time being but moment I lose one of my benefits, I’m gonna be screwed. Cue endless worrying and great… my anxiety issues get worse and my entire mental state goes into meltdown. I live in total fear of getting into debt.

    I think a lot of people today in my area are gonna be reeling with anger – the council tax bill has arrived. We were forewarned last week so I knew what was coming but now demanding everyone on low income to cough up £182 when last year it was just £67 is a damning increase that’s really gonna cause many big problems since of course the water bill has also risen by 5% as well. And I’m one of the “lucky” ones since I live alone so get 25% knocked off for being single. The local council are gonna be getting a LOT of abuse but I can see the bigger picture and know it’s not their fault they’ve had to slash the council tax benefit – it’s because of them morons at Westminster with their pathetic sham “austerity” scam.

    If it wasn’t for my Mum battling on my behalf, I would be destitute or dead. I was born disabled and my entire schooldays was constantly bullied and I was denied the right to be treated equally. And that’s what this Government remind me of – the school bullies. Utterly depressing that nearly 30 years after I left school, that it feels like I’m back in the school playground being taunted and kicked endlessly. Hence Osborne’s gloat that Inquality is decreasing really REALLY made me very angry.


    1. Is that monthly council tax? That’s a hell of an increase!! Ours went up 5% this year but only so they could cover the home care costs taken out of the budget previously so I can understand this and it was only an increase of £5 per month. Although annually even in lowest band our council tax is still well over £1000!!


      1. No, that’s the yearly amount! The standard bill went up by £20 this year. Still a big increase of a tenner a month that people on low income are gonna have to magically find out of thin air, more so if they live with family or a partner. Until last year the council gave a 91.5% council tax rebate. That’s now been slashed to 77% a huge hike and a kick coming a few days after the water bill came in. I’m personally not too bothered about it since I can afford it but I have empathy, and I despair about the many for whom this increase is gonna be a huge blow since I do live in a rather disadvantaged part of the country. I’ve seen quite a few neighbours come and go the last 2 years and had to leave because of all these things.

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