Mental Health Awareness Week … Be Aware Always

Mental Health Awareness Week is upon us again, it’s a week when mental health becomes the buzz word once again. But for those of us living with a mental illness, mental health isn’t a buzzword and every week is mental health awareness week. 

People like me talk about our mental health daily, we share our stories week in and week out in the hope that people without awareness will learn how debilitating ill-mental health is and can be. 

So many people forget that mental health is as important as physical health, that the brain needs as much care and attention as the body. 

When somebody becomes mentally ill they will often be cast aside by friends and family as though they are pariahs (and I speak from multiple experiences here) whereas quite often when someone is physically ill they will be embraced and supported by those same friends and family so is the stigma. 

So this mental health awareness week make it a priority to learn about mental illness. Start to be aware of your friends who may be suffering alone or in silence and start to support them and talk to them. And don’t wait for an awareness week to be there for them, like those who are ill remember that mental health affects every single day of the year and people need your support each of those days. 


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