Mental Health Voices First Anniversary

A year ago Mental Health Voices on twitter went live. I honestly didn’t think it would take off, I thought it was one of those ideas that you have, the kind you think is a good idea but everyone else is going to laugh at. But here we are a year later and it’s still going strong, somehow, other people thought it was a good idea aswell!

It’s been a great year, a little bumpy in places, but we’ve had so many great curators, so many interesting stories, and so many people opening their hearts and braving their souls to share stories that haven’t been easy to tell.

The followers have gradually grown, and we now have followers from all over the world, most are people living with mental health issues, but some are carers, or people working in mental health services.

The account has become a true community and this makes me feel so happy, I honestly in my wildest dreams didn’t imagine this kind of success.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the account, thank you to Claire, who in the beginning helped me formulate the idea, and took up the mantel for the first week. Thank you to Katie, who managed the admin for a few months while I was really ill at the end of last year. Thank you to all of the curators for sharing your stories, and Thank You to all of our followers for supporting us!


3 thoughts on “Mental Health Voices First Anniversary

  1. So proud of you. Congratulations on this anniversary.
    I remember last year when you tentatively mentioned you were doing this new rocur thing, and it might fail, or fall into an abyss, or whatever. And then I saw it go from strength to strength, and really create its own tribe. Power to all of you. 🙂

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