A World of Misinformation

So, there I was looking for travel insurance (check out my post from last year to delve into THAT minefield!), when I come across this site.


What? “A condition formerly known as Depression” really? That’s how you’re going to sell insurance cover for bipolar disorder to people with bipolar disorder who know all about bipolar disorder which you clearly know nothing about?! OK.

Now, having worked at a digital agency who liked to cut corners I know exactly what has happened here (or I’m assuming this is the case). The writing of the content for this site was outsourced to cheap writers overseas, probably India or The Philippines where it would have cost about £1 per page (I kid you not!). But this is the result of such cheap labour. Inaccuracies, bad grammar and a page that reads like a mental health horror movie.

Now, I am the target market for this page, I have bipolar disorder, I’m also a marketer and a writer and this just sends me into all kinds of nightmares for all different reasons. As someone with bipolar it terrifies me that a business is putting out so much misinformation about a serious mental illness. That they haven’t correctly researched and created this content with sensitivity instead of just using bipolar as a money-making mechanism.

As a marketer, I hate these cheap corner cutting routes, if you don’t care about what you have facing the public then how much do you really care about your business? I have always been a perfectionist in my professional life (even when I’ve worked places that have gone against my beliefs) and I would feel ashamed if I was connected to putting this website out in the state it is in.

As a writer, the composition, the grammar, everything really about the way this is written brings me out in hives.Nothing about this page makes somebody want to buy, nothing makes this business seem trustworthy or appealing. They aren’t even convincing in sounding like they know anything about bipolar because they’ve completely screwed that up, and let’s be honest when you are targeting people with the illness you are talking about you don’t need to tell them about that illness!

Seeing this today reminded me we have to be SO careful, there is so much misinformation floating around the web. No wonder there is so much stigma attached to mental health. We have to keep fighting it and pointing out to people and especially businesses when they get it wrong. If this isn’t picked up, pointed out and corrected then people who are unaware will keep being fed the lies and unknowingly swallowing information that is incorrect and the cycle will just continue.



One thought on “A World of Misinformation

  1. Good for you for raising such an important issue. I am seeing misinformation in the holistic industry that is highly damaging to vulnerable people, students, and clients. I feel that integrity and authenticity is required in all business. I particularly don’t like to see people making enterprise out of other people’s suffering, especially when their techniques/teachings are outdated, or harmful. I wish you all the very best in your quest to highlight these issues. It is great to know that there are people like you who care, and who are not afraid to speak up. It is the only way to see change. Warmest wishes, 🌻

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