Mental Health Awareness Week Surviving or Thriving

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week again, I always wonder during this week if all the talk about mental health is falling on deaf ears, some of us, many of us are talking about mental health all year round, we are trying to get others to do the same. Do awareness week’s raise awareness so that more people are talking about awareness all year or do a large percentage of those who talk about mental health during awareness week forget about it again afterwards? I hope not.

A group of people who I know don’t are my walking group. I meet with them every week, it’s a walking group organised by a number of mental health organisations including the charity I volunteer for, the same charity who provide my mental health care. Being with a group of people each week I can talk to about my mental health and I can talk to them about theirs is reassuring and getting some fresh air is always good.

As a volunteer for the charity, a charity who put mental health first all year round, they work front and centre with people who need help every single day, people who are in crisis and need that special kind of support we all wish for. I wrote a blog for them this week talking about surviving or thriving which you can read if you head to their website. They are asking for submissions from others on the subject so if what I wrote inspires you, or if you have another idea of what this years topic stands for drop them an email and let them know. The details are in my blog.


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