While I was recently recovering from my surgery I decided I was ready to start working again, huge decision and one I have to be careful to step into without setting my wellbeing back. I decided to try my hand at some freelancing again, that would fit with the volunteer work I do well and I could manage the work flow and what work I was doing. 

Then earlier this week I saw a job that just called to me, it literally wouldn’t let me go, I kept going back to it and thinking “I can do that” no more that I was thinking “I would be perfect for that” it’s with the charity I volunteer for already but working with one of their recovery teams as a peer support worker specifically with young people experiencing psychosis for the first time. Qualifications for the role are experience of psychosis and drug misuse. 

So yesterday I filled in the application, I started off feeling positive and sure of myself, then the further through the application I got the more sure I was that I was making a mistake. They run their application through competency based scoring and quite a lot of their essential competencies I hit very wide of the mark. Which knocked my confidence through a loop and left me realising this is a hopeless endeavour. 

So now I have a completed application sat on my laptop and I’m too afraid to send it. So that went well. 


4 thoughts on “Hopeless?

  1. I agree with hierath! Why not try for the position anyway?
    And I’m proud of you for going for this job regardless of the outcome. That takes tremendous guts!
    Glad you’ve recovered from your surgery too. Take care!

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