Like, Really?

Let’s give you some background to this tangled web of a story! 

November 2016, I went on a Peer Support Course, training in how to be a Peer Support Worker, there is no relevance in this other than someone came along who was setting up a new service for people who had been out of work for a long period of time due to mental illness. It was to be called Employability and would help with everything from CV writing to getting internships and jobs. After three years out of the workforce and looking to change career paths this seemed like a sound option for me so I gave my details to, let’s call her Lizzy. 

It wasn’t until about March that I heard from her again, she said everything was ready to go and she arranged for me to have a one to one with her. When we met we talked about my career as a marketer and then my desire to switch to peer support. She said she thought my passion was in marketing and to pursue that. She asked if I would be willing to do an internship and I said absolutely to get some movement on my CV again, I asked if I could do it with them as I know they have a skills gap. She said she would speak to relevant people.

I went to her group CV class where I completely rewrote my CV. And then signed up for a group class on interview skills…which was cancelled and never rescheduled.

My next meeting with her I was told that she needed one more meeting with the person in charge of marketing, then the three of us then the internship was a go. That was in May. She hasn’t contacted me since.

Now I’m pretty astute and can read between the lines and figured out that this fell through. I also found out from someone else unconnected why it fell through today but I’m not supposed to know, apparently ignoring me is communication enough!

What bothers me the most, is Lizzy is providing this service to people who are in some really vulnerable positions. They are trying to manage their mental health and are going to her to get help getting back into the workforce and if she, at the first sign of trouble, is going to scarper without a word well that is just, well, bollocks! 

I’m sorry but why is someone so ill-equipped looking after such an important job? It has made me livid! 

On my part, I’ve looked after myself, I have an interview next week, for a Peer Support Role (yeah up yours Lizzy) and I’ve had so much help from people to prep for it, I didn’t need her anyway. It’s just the people that do need her I worry about. 


4 thoughts on “Like, Really?

  1. I’m incredibly proud of you for signing up for an interview class & showing up for those meetings with Lizzy – how dare she flake on you? I’d be furious as well!

    That is sooo *not* cool for her to “ghost” you. I’ve read that the term “ghosting” can apply to any relationship – I’m not implying the two you had dated! 😉

    Your immature follower here would be tempted to send her a big envelope of glitter. I discovered this site which sells more than glitter – if you scroll to the bottom of this link, you’ll see what I mean. I hope very much that it (which rhymes with “nicks”) doesn’t don’t offend you. It’s nothing too horrid and it actually made me chuckle.

    Of course there’s the much worse option: send her an exotic form of poo!
    Check out the combo pack that poopsenders offers:

    Those are simply fantasies. I couldn’t do any of those things – well, maybe I could, but I’m going to try hard never to do them. I know it’s bad karma to lower myself to the other person’s level.

    The bottom line? You rock and they really lost out.

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    1. Haha! OMG that site is hilarious! I think if I had no other connection with where she works I would most definitely be sending something like that! I’m quite vengeful normally and an only keeping my cool because I spend a lot of time at that organisation and want to work there so need to keep the bigger picture in mind! 😂 Otherwise poop bombs ahoy!

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