Achieving Goals

I wrote some time ago on my battles with food and how I got started on the road to become a healthier person.

When I started this journey, I was completely sedentary, I was binge eating, I weighed 114kg and was a size 20 clothes. I was in the peak of my depression, my bipolar was badly managed and I was not well at all.

I now stick to the diet I was out on by the hospital like glue. It works, I don’t get ill anymore so the sacrifices are more than worth it. I’ve also learned that by being focused on a healthy diet that is good for me I stopped bingeing. A complete win win.

I started walking every day, my legs have become much stronger, my breathing is better, and the fresh air is great for me.

I’ve recently started going to a couple of classes to get more strength and cardio. It’s time to really push myself and get my fitness back up to a healthy level.

What I’m super pleased with is that last week I achieved a milestone I am not only looking much thinner, I’m wearing skirts pretty much for the first time in my life, and tight fitting clothes, but my weight came down to 80kg, that’s 34kg lost (6st) in just under 2 years. It’s been a long slog but it’s staying off I’m determined about that.

My mental health is so much better than it’s been in a long time. I have a few things in the pipeline which I will definitely talk about here if they pan out as they are really exciting and will just add to the physical activity side of things while also helping with the mental health work I want to be doing so watch this space!

But for now all I can say is if you are where I was, grit your teeth, commit to your goal and you can get there. It’s about the whole lifestyle and committing your whole self to your goal but you can do it!

I’m not at my final goal yet but I’m closing in!


12 thoughts on “Achieving Goals

  1. Awesome! This is very inspiring. I’m at the beginning of my lifestyle changes and I’m having a hard time right now having the strength to tough it out. It’s refreshing to see that it does get better.

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    1. I can only advise to stick with it. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve done to push through and ignore the instinct to go back to what is comfortable but it does get easier, I now enjoy eating healthy and I don’t crave all the sugary and fatty foods and I enjoy the exercise, in fact if I miss a session my body knows it and feels weak and achy. It definitely gets much easier, I wish you luck getting through the early days.

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