Boxed Up: BuddyBox @BlurtAlerts

Welcome to the second edition of Boxed Up! I’m very excited about this one, when Blurt first announced they were releasing a subscription box the mental health community buzzed and every single person I know who gets one loves it. Now that I have received one I can absolutely see why people can’t get enough of them, and I’m so pleased to be sharing it with you.

Blurt use the proceeds from the BuddyBox to facilitate their depression Peer Support which I can only say “Hell Yeah” too, I’m a massive advocate of Peer Support, and any way of making sure more people get that kind of help is good for me!

So let’s see what you get in your box…

The box is lovely, well designed and slightly smaller than a shoe box, with tissue paper which went with the nautical theme of the box, this is all designed so that it is well-matched and professional.

The items in the box are all well matched, the nautical theme means everything is white and blue in colour, except for one item. There is a Yankee Candle and who doesn’t like a Yankee Candle. This one is fragranced as Sea Breeze. There is a badge, which says Be The Captain of Your Own Ship which I love as a little motivational phrase, the non-blue item is a map on how to make better decisions, it’s like a treasure map (see the link) on dealing with every day dilemma’s, a fab idea. A small sachet of flower essence water enhancer, I’ll be honest I know nothing about this kind of thing, but it says to break the sachet into water so I will give it a go! A postcard and a guide to what is in the box, both are super cute and I really love the artwork on these. There is a blurt zine with information about how water helps soothe and how to steer yourself through a storm, again keeping with their theme but offering some great tips. Then finally, there is a book, I Want to Be Calm by Harriet Griffey. I will pop this onto my review list for the next Brainy Books.

A huge thank you to Blurt for the box and for taking part in this feature, they are so busy and I really appreciate them taking the time out to speak with me and make the arrangements for this post to go ahead. If you aren’t familiar with Blurt their links are below, do check them out, they are particularly focused on working with people with depression but so much of what they put out is useful for mental health as a whole so do check them out.



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