After fifteen years as a blogger, I’ve been beaten. I look at where I am right now and what I’m getting from blogging and what I answer is stress. So this will be my final post on here, I’m walking away and discovering life away from the world of blogs. Closing the book blog will…… Continue reading Consumed

Defeating or Defeatest

Last week was very emotional for me for reasons I’m actually not going to go into for a change. Let’s just say I was a drained and beaten emotionally at a few points and as a result of that on Saturday I woke up with a horrible depression gripping me. On Saturday I let it…… Continue reading Defeating or Defeatest

Brainy Books: I Want To Be Calm by Harriet Griffey @HardieGrant

This book was in the BuddyBox I received last month from Blurt and I thought it was only right to review it and see what it had to offer. Description With the stress and strains of modern life, it is increasingly difficult to be the peaceful and serene spirit that we all wish to be.…… Continue reading Brainy Books: I Want To Be Calm by Harriet Griffey @HardieGrant

Walking Out Of Darkness 2017

It’s just two weeks until I take part in this years Walking out of Darkness event. This year it is happening in Weston-super-Mare so will be a ten mile jaunt around the seaside. Walking out of Darkness is all about raising mental health awareness, set up originally around suicide awareness, it’s grown and now mental…… Continue reading Walking Out Of Darkness 2017