Walking Out Of Darkness 2017

It’s just two weeks until I take part in this years Walking out of Darkness event. This year it is happening in Weston-super-Mare so will be a ten mile jaunt around the seaside.

Walking out of Darkness is all about raising mental health awareness, set up originally around suicide awareness, it’s grown and now mental health groups and charities get involved all with one aim, get people talking.

Last year I took part and it was a wonderful day of walking, meeting people, and talking to other walkers and people we met along the way. You can read about it here. I was much less fit last year and finished in really good time so I’m hoping I will be much quicker this year.

I’m taking part with my brother, John, one of our friends was going to take part with us, but the date of the walk was changed and she can no longer join us which is a shame, especially as she’s done the bulk of our fundraising. However, my personal trainer from my circuits and aerobics classes is signed up and said she wants to walk with us so I’m expecting to be pushed to the max through the walk as her and my brother are both runners normally! No pressure then!

We are fundraising for the absolutely awesome charity Bipolar UK. As you know I have Bipolar and these guys have offered me huge amounts of support over the years. I’ve been a member so that I get access to their member benefits for several years and I never hesitate to renew each year. They have a fantastically supportive eCommunity, they have some of the best information I’ve found around Bipolar, great information on insurance, travel, getting legal help, employment support etc. Helping raise some money for them was an easy choice when we sat down to discuss who to fundraise for.

If you can spare a pound or two towards our fundraising goal it would be greatly received, we have a just giving page, or you can text to donate changing the £ amount in the text to your chosen amount.


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