Brainy Books: I Want To Be Calm by Harriet Griffey @HardieGrant

This book was in the BuddyBox I received last month from Blurt and I thought it was only right to review it and see what it had to offer.


With the stress and strains of modern life, it is increasingly difficult to be the peaceful and serene spirit that we all wish to be. In I Want to Be Calm, Harriet Griffey explores the issues we may face in our day-to-day lives that make us feel stressed, anxious, depressed or overwhelmed, and shares practical advice on how to overcome them.

Covering topics such as the worry cycle, managing emotions and mindful meditation, Harriet shows how to implement easy but effective approaches to find calm. She looks at how we can practice mindfulness at home and work, how to pursue better relationships and making mindful decisions like choosing peace and living in the moment, plus more.

Beautifully illustrated throughout, I Want to Be Calm will still the mind and relax the body, bringing you peace and happiness.


Visually this book is impressive. A lot of effort has gone into making it attractive with bold illustrations on almost every page, quotes in different sized text and not one page kept as one large chunk of text. All of the images are in the same shades of blue and black ensuring consistency throughout and actually promoting that feeling of calm because none of the images evoke any negative or heightened feelings of stress.

The content itself is well-written. Focusing on basic mindfulness, what it is, how it works and building up to the basics of how to adopt mindfulness into your life. There are exercises for the reader to adopt and practice, from breathing, to meditation. This is as much an instruction manual as a self-help book.

I found I often hit passages which were repeated things already said, but this book isn’t designed to be read in one sitting, the way that I read it. It’s designed to be a support as someone learns their way through those early stages of mindfulness. I think when I was first learning mindfulness and meditation I would have found some of this very useful. Now as someone who meditates daily, and practices mindfulness regularly I would recommend these practices to everyone regardless of their mental health state.

There are sections in the book for adopting the approach at work, for helping your children adopt the approach, especially at school, which I particularly like, and helping your home feel more calm. Some fantastic tips in all of these sections which I think people will find really beneficial.

Overall, I think this is a great book for people who are new to mindfulness. If you are already practicing and know your way around it like I do, you won’t get much from this book.

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