BrizzleLass is also known as Claire, in a previous life Claire worked as a social media and online marketing consultant which comes in quite handy with the world of blogging! Claire has been blogging about mental health since 2002, her first blog Being Me was much like this one, an invitation into her world with reviews of music and books she enjoyed. It received attention from journalists who were picking up on blogging as the next big thing and wanted to feature bloggers already in the fold.

Claire has suffered with mental health issues since early childhood and was diagnosed with depression at nine. As an adult this diagnosis has been amended to Bipolar Disorder. Claire is also a rape survivor and addict in long term recovery. 

These are all things Claire firmly believes in talking about openly to encourage openness and understanding about mental illness and to help reduce the stigma around mental health. 

Claire is also a blogger at HuffPost Blogs and guest blogs in various other places, you can read these by following the links on the media page.

Aside from being a mental health advocate, Claire is a massive geek and can often be found with her head in something sci-fi or fantasy related. She loves reading, and runs another blog BrizzleLass Books.

She is a big fan of heavy metal…there really is nothing like lots of big strong heavy music! Please settle in, take a look around and get in touch if you have any questions, have something you want me to discuss or anything else really!


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