A Plea For Help!

A short time ago I wrote a review of a festival I went to which was slanted by my mental health and how I dealt with going to a festival having had severe anxiety for a very long time on the run up to it. This review has now been shortlisted in a competition (yay!),…… Continue reading A Plea For Help!

Bloodstock Open Air – Slaying A Festival

A few months ago a friend suggested we go to Bloodstock, in a moment of “what the hell” I bought a ticket. A few years ago this would have been completely normal for me, I went to festivals all the time. But at the time of buying the ticket, I couldn’t even manage to walk…… Continue reading Bloodstock Open Air – Slaying A Festival

Are “Goths” more Depressed?

Firstly, I’m going to say how much I hate the use of the word “goths” in this context, the people it refers to were apparently self-identifying so I will forgive it, but, there is a social stigma attached to calling anyone who wears anything alternative/black a goth, and there are so many sub-cultures people could…… Continue reading Are “Goths” more Depressed?

Music for when Life Sucks

For a while now I have been planning a series of posts on music, and this is the first of those posts. Each post will have a playlist which you may or may not choose to listen to!

GUEST BLOG: KISS launch Destroyer beer in Australia… and more besides

Yes, this post was going to be a review of the jaunt to Broken Hill with IMMINENT PSYCHOSIS. It’s a poor experience for you, having promises broken, but I haven’t finished it. It’s about half done. And it’s so long that it is in desperate need of slicing to pieces and being carefully re-formed with sticky…… Continue reading GUEST BLOG: KISS launch Destroyer beer in Australia… and more besides

GUEST BLOG: Industry goings on

Argh, I’m back, sooner than you expected. As promised, here’s a bit of a round-up of what’s going on around the traps in the music industry lately. Some of it has a bit of an Aussie flavour… but, uh, well, I can’t help that :PJohn Peel Collection goes onlineAs you may have heard recently, the…… Continue reading GUEST BLOG: Industry goings on

EP Review: Havok – The Point Of No Return

Following their album Time Is Up, Denver thrash mettalers Havok return this month with a heavy EP consisting of two original tracks and two covers, one of those covers is of Sepultura’s classic, Alive. A strong cover which does them and Sepultura justice.Havok are a strong band who are technically brilliant, they focus their ability…… Continue reading EP Review: Havok – The Point Of No Return

Album Review: HeXen – Being and Nothingness

After a four year wait HeXen return with a new album Being and Nothingness. This is a band who have now been around for almost a decade and hit the nail on the head with their debut album State of Insurgency. This is their follow up to this debut, it may have been a long…… Continue reading Album Review: HeXen – Being and Nothingness

Album Review: Diablo Swing Orchestra – Pandora’s Piñata

What do you get when you take a traditional jazz swingtime sound and overlay it with a metal guitar riff? The answer is Diablo Swing Orchestra.This eight piece band from Sweden takes symphonic metal to a whole new level. Pandora’s Piñata is their third studio release and takes the listener on a musical journey. This…… Continue reading Album Review: Diablo Swing Orchestra – Pandora’s Piñata

Album Review: Reverence – The Asthenic Ascension

Black metal and France aren’t two things we would commonly fit together, but Reverence are one of the growing number of bands determined to prove that the two aren’t mutually exclusive and a French band are as capable of producing interesting experimental black metal as good as any Nordic band out there.Formed in 1998 the…… Continue reading Album Review: Reverence – The Asthenic Ascension

Cracking the Guest Blogging Cherry

When Claireodactyl asked me to be a regular guest blogger here, you could’ve knocked me over with a feather. I’ve been blogging since something like 2006 over at my own site, and have had the privilege of Claire writing for me. Yes, it’s true, I’m the founding publisher/editor of Metal as Fuck. I’ve never really…… Continue reading Cracking the Guest Blogging Cherry

Album Review: Wodensthrone – Curse

Formed in 2005, Wodensthrone are a black metal band from Sunderland, UK featuring, Wildeþrýð and Rædwalh on vocals and guitar, Árfæst on keyboards, Gerádwine on bass, and Hréowsian on drums and vocals. They released their debut album Loss in 2009 and are now following it up with Curse.The Remaining Few offers a gentle opening almost acoustic with enunciated guitar work, before the…… Continue reading Album Review: Wodensthrone – Curse

Review: The Wretched End – Inroads

A collaborative project between Samoth of Emperor/Zyklon and Cosmo of Mindgrinder, The Wretched End is a creative exploration into black, death and thrash metal. The debut album Ominous was released in 2010, Inroads is the follow-up from this project.It has to be said, collaborations don’t always go so well, need I say the word Lulu, however Samoth…… Continue reading Review: The Wretched End – Inroads

Review: Trixter – New Audio Machine

Trixter have just released their first album of original songs since 1992, a band who for all intents and purposes passed by the wayside on their first go around the block. There were countless other melodic hard rock bands around in the late 80’s early 90’s and most were being drowned out by the up…… Continue reading Review: Trixter – New Audio Machine

Review: Tyketto – Dig In Deep

Their first album in eighteen year Tyketto fans have been waiting a long time for Dig In Deep. There is always a concern when a band returns after such a long hiatus. Will the songs be good? Will the band be true to their roots? Will they sound any good? Well, let me assure you,…… Continue reading Review: Tyketto – Dig In Deep

Review: Crazy Lixx – Riot Avenue

Formed in Sweden in 2002, Riot Avenue is the third studio album from this 80’s influenced melodic hard rock band.  Their last release, New Religion, was an improvement on the first and this is an improvement on that one.The band features Danny Rexon on vocals, Andy Dawson on guitar, Joey Cirera on drums, and Luke Rivano on vocals,…… Continue reading Review: Crazy Lixx – Riot Avenue

Review: American Hollow – Screaming Into The Void

From Salt Lake City, American Hollow describe themselves as a progressive metal band. Screaming Into The Void is their second release (an EP that could easily pass as a shorter album) and demonstrates their skill with a more space rock sound.The haunting intro that is Resurrect Dead on Planet Jupiter introduces Last Dream Before Dawn, a song with…… Continue reading Review: American Hollow – Screaming Into The Void

Review: Hawkwind – Onward

After over 40 years in the business Hawkwind are releasing their 27th studio album at the end of this month which will be closely followed by a UK tour in May/June.Title Onward the album is a two-disc treat of the space-age rock that has come to encapsulate who Hawkwind are and what we expect from…… Continue reading Review: Hawkwind – Onward

Review: Madina Lake – World War III

Madina Lake’s third studio release is World War III, this is also their first release since being dropped by Roadrunner Records back in early 2010. Not long after being dropped by Roadrunner the band hit another roadblock when their bassist Matthew Leone was attacked and left with severe head injuries, the attack is referenced in…… Continue reading Review: Madina Lake – World War III

Review: Hammers of Misfortune – 17th Street

Hammers of Misfortune were founded by guitarist John Cobbett over a decade ago and in that time have built themselves a reputation for producing experimental music and thought provoking concept albums. Comparable to few bands except maybe Slough Feg (with who they have swapped and shared band members over the years) due to their genre…… Continue reading Review: Hammers of Misfortune – 17th Street

Review: Stonelake – Marching On Timeless Tales

This Swedish band, fronted by Peter Grundström on vocals, have been together in one form or another since the eighties, yet they only been released their first album as Stonelake in 2006. Stonelake are said to represent everything that we loved about eighties stadium metal. Their music is big and loud, with epic riff filled…… Continue reading Review: Stonelake – Marching On Timeless Tales

Review: 3 – The Ghost You Gave To Me

3 have been around since the early 90’s and in that time they have released six albums, The Ghost You Gave To Me is their seventh and quite possibly their strongest yet. This is an album they’ve described as “THE album we’ve been working towards our entire career” and it shows.3 have always (well almost…… Continue reading Review: 3 – The Ghost You Gave To Me

Review: Cicada – Cicada

This is the self titled debut album from Cicada, a metal band from Canada. They are made up of Chester Long on bass and vocals, Anson May on guitar and vocals, Joe Pottie on drums, and Nathan Collupy on rather randomly the Djembe!This album slaps you in the face and wakes you up right from…… Continue reading Review: Cicada – Cicada

Review: Insomnium – One For Sorrow

It’s hard not to have high expectations of any band producing metal from Finland with the likes of Amorphis, Apocalyptica, and Turisas to name just a few of the leagues of bands that pour from the country each year. Insomnium are among the greats known for producing melodic death metal. Their latest album One For…… Continue reading Review: Insomnium – One For Sorrow

Writing Reviews – How I Do It

Everybody who writes reviews has their own process of getting the finished product ready. I’ve developed my method over the five or six years I’ve been writing music reviews and have altered it based on feedback from the various editors I’ve had over that time, and on the things I hate when I read reviews…… Continue reading Writing Reviews – How I Do It

Review: Solitude Aeturnus – In Times of Solitude

Solitude Aeturnus have released In Times of Solitude, a compilation of demos and rare tracks all dating back to the eighties. This is a band who haven’t become well known outside of the doom circles, but within those circles they are considered a legend of the genre.Hailing from Texas, like most band’s who’ve been around…… Continue reading Review: Solitude Aeturnus – In Times of Solitude

A Must Read Essay

One of the best things I’ve discovered about being a music journalist, and more specifically a metal journalist are the people you work with and for. Most of us don’t get paid for this work, we do it because we love what we do, it’s a passion for the music and a passion for writing…… Continue reading A Must Read Essay

Review: Khuda – Iecava

Experimental, progressive, psychedelic, instrumental these are just a few of the words you can use to describe this two piece from the UK. A band since 2007, the current line up of Tom Brooke and Steve Myles have been together since 2009. After the release of their debut album, Palingenesia, in 2010 they have now…… Continue reading Review: Khuda – Iecava

Review: Loch Vostok – Dystopium

Following their 2010 tour supporting Therion around Europe, Swedish progressive metallers Loch Vostok release fourth album Dystopium. My first introduction to the band I was interested to see that they were born from the ashes of Mayadome back in 2001, after 10 years sat behind the drums, Teddy Mӧller decided to try something different switching…… Continue reading Review: Loch Vostok – Dystopium

Killswitch Engage Interview

Published By: Save A Scream – November 2009On Saturday 28th November, I met up with Mike D’Angelo on the Killswitch Engage tour bus whilst they were in Bristol on the Taste of Chaos Tour on a dual-headline slot with In Flames.Go visit Save A Scream to see the interview in full.——————–Killswitch Engage Links:WebsiteMySpaceFacebookTwitter———————

Black Velvet Magazine – Issue 62

Published By: Black Velvet Magazine – November 2009Check out the latest copy of Black Velvet Magazine to see my:- Interview with V For Volume- CD Review: The Worldonfire – …Sail The Rough Sea- CD Review: Johnny Lima – Livin’ Out Loud- CD Review: InMe – Herald Moth- CD Review: Trigger – Furious Times- CD Review:…… Continue reading Black Velvet Magazine – Issue 62

Jamie Lynn Noon

As promised when I published her EP review last month I spent some time interviewing Jamie Lynn Noon to find out a bit more about what makes her tick, what inspires her music, how she feels about social networking and if she’ll be visiting us English anytime soon. Here in all its glory is the…… Continue reading Jamie Lynn Noon

Papa Roach @ O2 Academy Bristol 15th June 2009

After, what I hear, was a stonking set on the second stage at Download on Sunday Papa Roach geared up and hit the West Country for a gig at the O2 Academy in Bristol. The gig got off to a great start when Jacoby Shaddix decided he wanted to get out and meet the fans,…… Continue reading Papa Roach @ O2 Academy Bristol 15th June 2009

Rob Thomas Twinterview

Following an interview with Rob Thomas on Twitter.

Two Thousand Trees Festival 2007

After doing the interview with James, one of the organisers of Two Thousand Trees it was just too tempting not to go and see the festival with my own eyes. So I packed up the tent and drove to Upcote Farm in Cheltenham to experience the first ever Two Thousand Trees Festival.On arrival the weather…… Continue reading Two Thousand Trees Festival 2007

2000 Trees Festival – An Interview

Another festival hits the South West this month but this one’s a little different to the more mainstream ones we’re used to seeing and going to. The 2000 Trees Festival is a non-commercial, environmentally focussed and all about the music. I’ve been speaking with one of the organisers, James, who’s told me a bit about…… Continue reading 2000 Trees Festival – An Interview

Fortune Drive at Download

This year’s Download was a must for me and there are so many bands I saw that I could write about for hours just based on their Download performances but the one band who deserve a Bristol Rocks mention are our own local lads Fortune Drive.I’ve seen Fortune Drive play most of Bristol and Bath’s…… Continue reading Fortune Drive at Download

Download Festival 2007

June saw rock music lovers from all over the country descend on Donington Park for three days of bands playing the fifth Download Festival. This year saw bands such as Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, Papa Roach and Evanescence as well as regular demonstrations from the Red Bull X-Riders.Bristol band Fortune Drive also played.…… Continue reading Download Festival 2007

Famous Bristol Musicians – Onslaught

Pretty much anybody in Bristol who likes thrash will have heard of Onslaught. Formed in 1983 they were signed 1984, by 1988 they had three albums some line-up changes behind them and in 1991 it looked like the end of Onslaught for good. Almost 15 years later, they find out one of the albums was…… Continue reading Famous Bristol Musicians – Onslaught

Phil King & Julia Biel at The Fleece

Julia Biel made a trip out of London to come do this gig at The Fleece. Julia won the Perrier Vocalist of the Year Award in 2000 and her reputation definitely preceded her to Bristol for being an act not to miss. Her sound is one of mixed genre’s a gritty soul voice put against…… Continue reading Phil King & Julia Biel at The Fleece

Clumsy – Gig @ Mr Wolf’s – 17 March 2007

This is the first time I’ve been to Mr Wolf’s for a gig, I’m normally one of those pop in at lunch times to grab some of their great noodles type person! Knowing that Clumsy were playing gave me good reason to head down and experience my first Mr Wolf’s gig. Clumsy were performing with…… Continue reading Clumsy – Gig @ Mr Wolf’s – 17 March 2007

Album Review: UTM – Mutagenesis

Review of Mutagenisis by UTM

MySpace Valentine’s Party – 17 February 2007

Last night we trekked over to Bath for the MySpace Valentine’s Party. This is a concept for musicians who have met through MySpace to play together. I have to say it’s a great concept and a great way to see new local acts! When we arrived the main room hadn’t started so we headed downstairs…… Continue reading MySpace Valentine’s Party – 17 February 2007