Guest Posts & Media

Occasionally I will write a post for another blog or publication, when I do I will add it here…

  • 30-MAR-2017 – Relate – Love, Vulnerability & Bipolar
  • 19-JUL-2016 – Huffington Post UK Blog – How I Learned That not Everyone With A Mental Illness Is On The Same Page
  • 13-APR-2016 – Huffington Post UK Blog – The Stephen Fry Comments and Why We Should All Watch Our Words
  • 16-MAR-2016 – Huffington Post UK Blog – How Being a Disability Claimant Happened to Me
  • 01-MAR-2016 – Huffington Post UK Blog – Dispelling One of the Big Myths of Self Harm
  • 29-FEB-2016 – Huffington Post UK Blog – The Other Side of Food Struggles
  • 09-FEB-2016 – Rethink Mental Illness – Staying together: “Four things I’ve learned about relationships & mental health”
  • 09-FEB-2016 – NEW! Magazine – “I Self-Harmed On Our Second Date” – Part of a Valentine’s Feature on Love Against the Odds.
  • 01-OCT-2015 – Rethink Mental Illness – What They Don’t Tell You About Relationships and Mental Illness
  • 28-SEP-2015 – Laptop on Tour – Juggling: The Fine Line Between Working & Mental Health
  • 22-AUG-2015 – By Lauren Hayley – But You Were Doing So Well